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Glacial Granite

A white primary base colour with fine-grained black and larger-grained warm-gray mineral flecking. The mineral crystals and white base colour catch the light with textured finishes.

Granite has gained widespread use as a construction material through the ages for its hardness, uniform aging and acid resistance. Granite is an igneous rock, formed by slow cooling over millennia beneath the Earth's crust, allowing its different mineral grains to crystallize tightly together. This process creates the beautiful coarse-grained colours of granite, and provides its name, from the Latin granum, meaning, “grain”. Granite is composed primarily of Quartz and Feldspar, both of which are stronger than steel.

Your stone's finish is almost as important as the stone type. A different finish on the same stone type can create a very different design aesthetic. Finishes are also determined by function; an area that requires traction for people or vehicles will generally require some kind of chemical or mechanical texturing finish (e.g. “acid washed” or “flamed”).

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We order almost any quantity, cut to any size, in any finish.

Various Stone Sizes & Shapes

Installation Gallery

Flamed & Tumbled Setts
Flamed & Tumbled Setts
Flamed & Tumbled Setts
Flamed & Tumbled Setts
Flamed & Tumbled Setts
Flamed & Tumbled Setts After Processing
Flamed & Tumbled Setts Before Installation
Sawn & Flamed, All Sides

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